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Fourth Sector Economic Ecosystem Platform

Capture Purpose and Growth through Sustainable Partnerships!

Aligning economic choice with core human values  disrupts status quo and builds a sustainable business ecosystem.  Future profit ventures that focus on both customer and community needs  will prove most competitive.

21st Century's Emerging Economic Imperative

Industry Governance Solutions
for  Social Network Systems

Council Exchange Board of Trade

Looking Forward Research & Development

Market Based Approach

Many aspects of the world economy are determined more by corporate action than government control.  Research indicates a growing need for industry perspectives and solutions to externalities and social safety nets that harmonize profit to measured outcomes for the common good of people and planet.

Today's economic system of greed is unsustainable and institutional investors, consumers and community stakeholders are becoming aware of a need for a new ecosystem "sector" participant that focuses on a value based business construct.  Industry must take a global lead to substantiate a "fourth sector" industrial revolution that bridges together public sector burdens with industry innovation and solutions to enable the promise of sustainable growth and prosperity through public private partnership joint ventures.

Fourth Sector Economic

Ecosystem Platform

  The Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT) has organized a learning process called the Fourth Sector Economic Ecosystem Platform (FS).

As a trade association our goal is to provide training on potential alignment to researched growth algorithms that bridge profit and social impact.   Looking Forward Research & Development is CEBOT's research division where efforts are underway to develop communication strategies to promote sustainable ecosystem processes in which individuals and organizations live, learn, work and play together in peace for the common good of mankind. 

Fourth Sector Economic Ecosystem Platform



Learning is key to growth and sustainability in the 21st Century.   FS's growth algorithms establishes harmonious relations with ecosystem stakeholders including education, government, community and the minority technology industry.  

Through training and adoption strategies participating stakeholder partners can become a powerful force for social, political, and economic transformation. 


Building a foundation of trust starts with a community agreement to pursue the FS process.  The journey begins with a political dialog for harmonized outcomes.   At the core is the work to ensure industry partners can secure predictable revenue and profit, access to resources like a well trained workforce supported by industry.  Measuring partnership and stakeholder success is key.  FS works to include government as a key partner.

Technology has caused the world to shrink.  Social networks, AI and IoT bring automation and connectivity but our human capacity to think and innovate will always prevail.

CEBOT's Fourth Sector Economic Ecosystem Platform (FS) guides industry into equitable Public/Private Partnerships that mirror the metrics of social entrepreneurial benefit corporations.    

Developing Solutions & Building Community

Over the coming months CEBOT's Fourth Sector Economic Ecosystem Platform design build will include integrating our evidence based growth algorithms to the CEBOT Fourth Sector application layer. 

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Building Trusted Networks

Fourth Sector Explained

The Fourth Sector is a new economic space that is emerging at the intersection of the three traditional sectors (public, private and non-profit). Its goal is to unify and enhance the activities of those new enterprises and business models that want to achieve financial success while contributing to the creation of a more prosperous, fair and sustainable economy worldwide.

Core Values Creates Purpose

The changing mind-set has also given rise to the appearance of new hybrid organizations and business models that aspire to achieve financial success while contributing to solve some of the most pressing societal, economic and environmental challenges of our time. These organizations come in a wide variety of forms (B Corporations, Cooperatives, Social and Sustainable Enterprises, Civic Ventures, etc.), but all of them share the same core approach: like for-profit enterprises, they generate their income from business activities; however, like non-profits, their primary purpose is to have a positive impact in the world, while reducing the negative externalities to a minimum.

Technical Assistance

Fourth Sector entrepreneurs require legal, accounting, strategic, marketing, technology and other types of support from professionals properly trained in the emerging laws, standards, practices, protocols, procedures, technologies, and other aspects of the emerging for-benefit ecosystem.

Fourth Sector Economic

Ecosystem Platform

Learning & Training

Dissemination of Fourth Sector concepts and know-how requires the active participation of our formal and informal educational institutions. Credible educational and training infrastructure for transmitting knowledge about the Fourth Sector and training its workforce are in development, but need to be expanded and standardized to meet the growing demand.

Access & Trusted Networks

Membership and trade associations, networks, affinity groups, and gatherings are needed to connect and support the various constituencies within the Fourth Sector and its ecosystem. They can facilitate knowledge transfer, drive changes in public policy and other aspects of the ecosystem, create visibility for the sector and the organizations involved in it, and provide support services for members. New networking structures are also needed to enable collaboration and interoperability among those engaged in the development of the Fourth Sector ecosystem.

Council Exchange Board of Trade

Looking Forward Research & Development

The Council Exchange Board of Trade (CEBOT) is organized as a 501c6 research trade institute focused on the minority technology industry's growth and the communities and stakeholders they serve.  It is our belief that strategic industry engagement provides a competitive edge.

 In today's marketplace corporate  survivability is dependent on owners, shareholder and employee perspectives aligning with a set of core values  that positively impact work productivity, stakeholder investors and the greater community the enterprise serves.  

We are better together as a human race.  CEBOT is a recognized regional ecosystem  innovator chartered to represent the now over 65,000 minority technology company owners.  

This $110 Billion dollar industry will grow to $1 Trillion by 2030 given the industry based programmed  "fourth sector" disruptive growth algorithm design and the extraordinary sector based industry opportunities both domestically and internationally.

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The Council Exchange Board of Trade is organized as a 501(c)6 Trade Association.  

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